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  • Gaya 8.1 EAP4 (build 29790) Release Notes

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This EAP build has a bug which reproduces during upgrade from some old versions of HSQLDB: TW-34674.
If you experience this problem please apply the workaround described in the issue.

Table of Contents

Easier Build Artifacts Configuration

It is You can now possible to browse agent checkout directory of a last build during artifact paths configuration:

Changes Page

Now We reworked how the Changes page displays the status of builds affected by a change. Now a simple pie-chart for each change indicating the ratio of pending, successful and problematic buildsis shown near the change comment:

Image Added

Improved Build Run Time Estimation

TeamCity always estimated build duration based on the average run time of the latest builds in the history of a build configuration.
Starting from this EAP, we switched to a new algorithm taking into account build stages reached by a running build. For example, if a build is still executing a build step and TeamCity knows that there are two more build steps, the system will calculate the time left for the current step execution and add the time required to complete the next two steps.

Other Improvements


  • Performance of the restore from backup operation has been improved
  • The Save and Cancel buttons across the TeamCity UI have been moved to the left side
  • You can now set up an artifact dependency on a previous build of the same build configuration (TW-12984)
  • The copy operation is now available for templates
  • The bundled Ant is updated to version 1.8.4
  • Maven 3.1.1 is now bundled with TeamCity


  • resolved issues (\{Gaya+8.1+EAP4+%2829790%29\}+-\{trunk+issue\}&title=TeamCity+8.1+EAP4+%2829790%29&showDescription=false&showComments=false)