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No subsystem


IDEA-117040 (Bug)

Ultimate edition suggest to upgrade to the Ultimate edition

IDEA-116927 (Bug)

Strange message in .gitmodules file

IDEA-66494 (Bug)

Switching between search and replace

WEB-8669 (Bug)

*.[x]html content type <script type=application/ecmascript>

IDEA-78206 (Bug)

Constructing 'mailto' link -> cannot resolve file 'mailto'

WEB-10280 (Bug)

All "Test Sources Root" folders map to the wrong path in the web server preview

IDEA-118107 (Bug)

Internal Error when starting IDEA 13 on Windows 7

IDEA-116260 (Exception)

ISE: RPC handler object "AddOnlineUser" not found at com.intellij.ide.XmlRpcServerImpl.process



WEB-9986 (Bug)

CSS: fuzzy search shows turned off abbreviations

WEB-10143 (Bug)

Code readability in css color preview

WEB-10225 (Bug)

Injected HTML: goto CSS declaration does not see the other fragments.

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-117051 (Usability Problem)

JSON Standard inspection

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-113977 (Bug)

Formatter: caret is moved on next line if closing brace has wrong indent

Code Navigation


IDEA-117498 (Bug)

Caret locks up after using ctrl+tab to switch editors



WEB-9811 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Local variables are incorrectly marked as global variables

Compiling Project


IDEA-116404 (Bug)

Java code compilation does not work with IBM JDK



PY-11334 (Feature)

terminal: settings: default shell: provide a file chooser

IDEA-113897 (Cosmetics)

SSH Terminal: Select server on every run opens dialog without title

IDEA-117210 (Bug)

Terminal: not able to select text

PY-9855 (Bug)

Django console settings with remote interpreter (vagrant) not saved



WEB-10178 (Feature)

Dart: Missing option to run Pub Get

WEB-9949 (Bug)

Dart: remove interface from completion

WEB-10018 (Bug)

Nested comments in Dart are not supported

WEB-7752 (Bug)

No Dart SDK support for Java projects

WEB-10190 (Bug)

Dart Command Line Launcher not working



IDEA-111388 (Usability Problem)


RUBY-14672 (Bug)

Debugger doesn't stop on the first try

WEB-10182 (Bug)

NodeJS debugger can't step into

WEB-7892 (Bug)

Global "process" unavailable when debugging

WEB-9965 (Bug)

Loading an external JavaScript file via XHR failes when using the debugger

WEB-10231 (Bug)

first navigation to http file doesn't open desired location

WEB-10283 (Bug)

JS chrome Debug: fails with Nesting problem when changing value in debugger

WEB-9968 (Exception)

Dart: ClassCastException when debugging web application in Dartium

WEB-10175 (Exception)

Exception is thrown while debugging JS: can't debug

WEB-10241 (Exception)

NPE when debugging Angular.js



PY-6095 (Bug)

Accepting a completion with TAB results in a syntax error

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-115727 (Bug)

Cyclic Expand Word leaves word highlighted

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-57940 (Bug)

Cyclic expand word should take into account all open files

IDEA-111701 (Bug)

Emacs: pressing Ctrl+k several times should add lines to muti-line buffer

IDEA-103199 (Bug)

Undo: UTF problem

IDEA-100294 (Bug)

Cannot edit a file - text jumps all over the screen

IDEA-111275 (Bug)

emacs kill appends when it shouldn't

IDEA-18764 (Bug)

Emacs-Mode: Ctrl-y only pastes the last line killed and not the entire kill buffer

IDEA-115953 (Bug)

Editor: Line Spacing < 1.0 no longer works

IDEA-113684 (Bug)

Soft wraps insert additional spaces

File Watchers


WEB-9958 (Bug)

Mac OSX: default encoding is wrongly assumed to be US-ASCII

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-115258 (Bug)

Find Usages: "More than 1001 results" -> Abort -> does not stop search



IDEA-117864 (Performance Problem)

Freezes while editing Groovy



WEB-10019 (Usability Problem)

Don't show emmet preview after simply dot

WEB-10017 (Usability Problem)

New "Surround with emmet" popup breaks usability

WEB-7451 (Bug)

Inspection: HTML > File reference problem for "about:" pages

WEB-9833 (Bug)

don't check javascript code embedded in <script> tag for malformed XML

WEB-2229 (Bug)

Html with strict DTD doesn't end the img tag properly

IDE Configuration


IDEA-116991 (Cosmetics)

"IDE is up to date" message

IDEA-117070 (Cosmetics)

IDEA instead of product name in File type association dialog

IDEA-114804 (Bug)

File types mapped to text are not remapped when corresponding plugin is installed

IDEA-97696 (Bug)

Custom tool windows layout is lost on exiting IDE with closed projects

IDEA-117003 (Bug)

Plugins suggestion: if there is an enabled outdated incompatible plugin with new compatible version available, 'Install plugins' action could suggest to update the plugin

IDEA-117068 (Bug)

Plugin Suggestion: 'Install plugin' action installs a plugin but doesn't enable it



IDEA-115736 (Bug)

Editor frequently becomes unresponsive

IDEA-116497 (Bug)

UI hang during index update



IDEA-115689 (Feature)

IU-132.844. Heroku AS web app deployment link

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-116521 (Bug)

Heroku deployment facet: application by sample creation doesn't work



IDEA-115787 (Usability Problem)

Better resolvement for JSF page URLs



IDEA-118087 (Bug)

Inspection: Unescaped EL Expression suppression is not working



WEB-10053 (Bug)

Invalid 'Potentially invalid usage of this' detection with function bind

WEB-3581 (Bug)

Incorrect inspection of JQuery selector

WEB-9817 (Bug)

Node.js: global functions defined as 'global['name']' not resolved

WEB-9938 (Exception)

NPE during inspections

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-8599 (Bug)

JavaScript libraries: correctly update library downloaded via Google CDN link

WEB-10109 (Bug)

New project/Foundation: empty project is created

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-9267 (Bug)

use of 'this' inspection is broken in certain case

WEB-908 (Bug)

"Invalid number of parameters" inspection should be suppressed when parameter list contains outer language elements

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-8156 (Bug)

Incorrect signature for Date.prototype.setHours



WEB-10191 (Cosmetics)

Weird field in the Configure NodeJS Modules Sources

WEB-10181 (Bug)

Choose a Destination Directory Keeps Popping Up

WEB-10309 (Bug)

Stepping through node debugging session fails with sourcemapped files if built files are excluded from workspace (repo steps and example project)

WEB-9933 (Bug)

What should happen when creating node.js Express App as New Module?



IDEA-115275 (Bug)

Code changes requires double restart to be applied

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-117059 (Bug)

IntelliJ EAP 133.79 -> 133.124 update failed (ZipException)

IDEA-116866 (Bug)

idea64.exe ignores

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-20792 (Usability Problem)

Cut in deployment, paste in local, copies instead

WI-21095 (Bug)

Drug-n-Drop inside RemoteHost broken

WI-14205 (Bug)

Problem in syncronization with remote server

WI-21460 (Bug)

Any In place server mapping with '/' in Web Path is replaced with mapping with project root in local path

WI-18687 (Bug)

SFTP server not support ChannelSftp.setFilenameEncoding

WI-20923 (Bug)

each SFTP sync/upload request confrim and show popup

Project Configuration


IDEA-116713 (Usability Problem)

Excluded library directories: it's possible to exclude the same directory twice

IDEA-116708 (Usability Problem)

Excluded library directories in jar: a) show what is excluded; b) allow to include them back

IDEA-116727 (Cosmetics)

Excluded library directories: removing a root does not removes its excludes

Project View


IDEA-116348 (Usability Problem)

IDEA 13 starts with toolbar and Project structure toolbar hidden

REST Client


WEB-9845 (Bug)

REST-Tool: Save Request to .xml

Remote Interpreters


PY-11499 (Bug)

PathMappingSettings changes to path-mapping-settings

RUBY-14555 (Bug)

NPE while copying remote gems on Windows

Task Management


IDEA-116558 (Bug)

Tasks: Jira Integration - unable to close Jira task

IDEA-115708 (Bug)

Task & Contexts connection to jira failed



WEB-9135 (Bug)

TypeScript merging/extending types (Good code red)

WEB-9217 (Bug)

TypeScript feature request: type inference from generics

WEB-9944 (Bug)

TypeScript: Generics and module scopes not playing well together

WEB-10058 (Bug)

Typescript reference

WEB-10082 (Bug)

TypeScript: Type problems with namespaces

WEB-10012 (Bug)

Using "super" within an "arrow function" scope is displayed as an error

WEB-9737 (Bug)

typescript: member of function type optional parameter is unresolved

WEB-7465 (Bug)

typescript prototype support

WEB-9951 (Bug)

Typescript: StackOverflowError on file indexing

Unit Tests


WEB-10274 (Bug)

Can't run karma tests with coverage using karma-coverage 0.1.4

WEB-10085 (Bug)

Can't debug JSTestDriver tests in Chrome

WEB-10010 (Bug)

Karma Server failure - WebStorm 7 & Jasmine

User Interface


IDEA-111161 (Feature)

Flat tool window design

IDEA-73513 (Usability Problem)

Facet autodetection: Setup Frameworks dialog layout could be optimized

IDEA-116346 (Cosmetics)

IntelliJ theme: comboboxes have darker background

IDEA-117258 (Cosmetics)

IntelliJ theme: selected tabs in Debugger and in Run <application server> views get black color

IDEA-117211 (Bug)

empty elements in Search Everywhere

IDEA-116350 (Bug)

IntelliJ theme: file settings tree views colors are misplaced

IDEA-116343 (Bug)

IntelliJ theme: selected radio button is misplaced

IDEA-116731 (Bug)

IntelliJ theme: Database Connections dialog: Scope combobox is too narrow

IDEA-115859 (Bug)

Presentation mode is broken

IDEA-117192 (Bug)

NavBar popup shows in wrong place when navigating to the directory from popup

IDEA-117095 (Bug)

Goto File: checkbox 'include non-project files' is remembered between invocations

IDEA-117426 (Bug)

deadlock in MPS

IDEA-116952 (Bug)

IntelliJ LAF issue

IDEA-111020 (Bug)

Status bar changes its height when progress is shown

IDEA-115546 (Bug)

Full Screen Mode: main menu persists on screen, when invoked by the keyboard shortcut

IDEA-116768 (Bug)

IntelliJ theme: text end is too close to combobox button

IDEA-117073 (Bug)

Recent files and Switcher are not centred in ide window

IDEA-117077 (Bug)

Can't remove files from Recent Files

IDEA-117347 (Bug)

Search Everywhere popup is too wide

IDEA-117772 (Bug)

Deadlock IDEA 13

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-104734 (Cosmetics)

Dracula: Cannot see well active tab in Modules Settings.

IDEA-117298 (Bug)

Darcula&IntelliJ on Windows: Inspection description is too small in Settings

Version Control


IDEA-115675 (Usability Problem)

new git log: date column sizing

IDEA-116470 (Usability Problem)

"Contained in branches" information is missing in New VCS log.

IDEA-116950 (Usability Problem)

Don't display all tags if there are too many of them and they hide the commit message

IDEA-116040 (Usability Problem)

"Author" and "Date" columns are constantly restoring its size.

IDEA-116100 (Performance Problem)

memory leak: VcsLogGraphTable

IDEA-116267 (Cosmetics)

VCS-Log: confusing naming of selected items in structure filter

IDEA-117212 (Bug)

"Contained in branches" displays incorrect information if there is active non-branch filter

IDEA-115571 (Bug)

Commit message gets lost after reviewing code analysis results

IDEA-116318 (Bug)

Mercurial Log: on very first context menu invocation NewBranch etc actions are available

IDEA-109608 (Bug)

Wrong paths for non-existing files in Apply patch dialog

IDEA-116690 (Bug)

File History -> Select in Git Log doesn't work

Version Control. Git


IDEA-117500 (Performance Problem)

New git log is slow when there are many (3K+) branches in the project

IDEA-116399 (Bug)

Changes window | Log ignores branch filter

IDEA-117365 (Bug)

RubyMine 6.0 - Git changes log does not load

IDEA-118265 (Bug)

For multi-root projects Git branch menu not showing when clicked

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-116241 (Task)

Support filtering by structure (i.e. files/folders) in Mercurial log

IDEA-115906 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.vcs.log.graph.mutable.GraphBuilder.createBranch

IDEA-117401 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.vcs.log.util.SequentialLimitedLifoExecutor$DetailsLoadingTask.consume

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-117083 (Bug)

Ctrl+D for Perforce changes is not working in 2-3 latest EAPs

IDEA-115010 (Bug)

Don't use p4 login to check connectivity as p4 2002 server doesn't support this command

IDEA-105668 (Bug)

Perforce: Respect Settings | Version Control | "Limit history by" setting.

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-113533 (Bug)

Subversion1.8:ShareProject should create 1.8 working copy if command line svn1.8 is turned on

IDEA-112787 (Bug)

Subversion: for renamed paths, Diff from annotations is not shown

IDEA-117432 (Bug)

svn checkout not working - PhpStorm 7.1 Build #PS-133.168

IDEA-113860 (Bug)

Idea hangs and crash(sometimes) if enter incorrect credentials

IDEA-114717 (Bug)

Subversion: should be possible to upgrade to 1.8 from 1.7 when 'use command-line client' option is off

IDEA-113730 (Bug)

Subversion command line client: in a modified file, non-ascii characters are shown as changed, even though they aren't

IDEA-113732 (Bug)

Subversion: commit/update/checkout from https repository fails if certificate is accepted temporary

IDEA-114718 (Bug)

Subversion: it should be possible to check out to 1.8 if 'use command line client' is off, but correct path to svn18 client is set



IDEA-84166 (Feature)

Support "CTRL+H" on class in .xml file

IDEA-105450 (Bug)

Attribute id in OSGI reference element not allowed

IDEA-115702 (Exception)

DomAnchorImpl exception



RUBY-14451 (Bug)

Incorrect YAML Parsing

RUBY-13914 (Bug)

Yaml: parse errors on key value