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  • (minus) Python parser error recovery (vlan)
  • (minus) Missing quick-fixes  - quick fixes list needed
  • (minus) Scratch plugin [PY-3151] (vlan)
  • (minus) PTY in run configurations (traff)
    • needs redesign of Run configuration page
    • running processes with PTY was implemented in Vagrant support and seems to be not very stable - it's early to add it to run configurations
  • (minus) Goto symbol: resolve to modules and packages [PY-6923]
  • (minus) Unresolved/unused imports [PY-4330], unused/undefined variables
  • (minus) Python live-templates [PY-2378] (vlan)
  • Performance enhancements:
    • Terminal memory consumption (traff) - affects platform to much to be implemented in 3.1

(tick)   - Feature Implemented
(question)   - Under Investigation
(lightbulb)   - In Progress
(minus)   - Postponed

traff - Dmitry Trofimov (PyCharm team lead, developer)

ktisha - Ekaterina Tuzova (PyCharm developer)

vlan - Andrey Vlasovskikh (PyCharm developer)