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This EAP build does not have a license key bundled with it, please use the license key from EAP download page.

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}{note}You can download the new TeamCity 8.0 EAP from [EAP download page|TW:Download Latest]{note}{hidden-data}

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Auto merge build feature


In previous versions there were two places where you could configure report tabs:

  • project level report tabs were configured under project settings
  • build results report tabs were configured as "Report Tabs" global server settings

Now both project-level and build-level report tabs are configured on the project level; thus project administrators can manage build report tabs themselves.
Server-wider build-level report tabs are automatically moved under the Root project settings.


  • changing of IDs of a build configuration, project or VCS root does not invalidate bookmarked links with previous IDs
  • statistic values published during the build are now shown on the Build Parameters tab
  • projects names in the UI got drop-down menus with all the sub-tabs and the "Edit Settings" link for quick navigation. Build configurations now also list all the sub-tabs in their drop-downs
  • a project can be selected in the investigation dialog when an investigation is assigned for a test. This is useful when the test fails in sibling projects
  • memory usage of the TeamCity server has been reduced for the cases when builds have tens of thousands of tests
  • My Changes page now uses a drop-down for projects instead of tabs
  • a new option in YouTrack integration allows for monitoring all projects from the YouTrack server automatically
  • the schedule trigger has got the timezone setting for the cron-based trigger
  • A new build parameter is introduced to pass user who triggered the build into the build script
  • Shared resources plugin improved to pass all the taken locks into the build. Please check the related upgrade notes entry
  • resolved issues
  • NuGet 2.7 packages restore is supported
    See also full list of resolved issues