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Evgeniy Koshkin


Apache 2.0


free, open-source

Plugin Description

Allows to use using TeamCity as a Windows symbol and source server.


Last successful build compatible with TeamCity 8.0.3 (or later) available on the public TeamCity server


  1. Put into the <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins folder.
  2. Restart the server.


To enable symbols and sources indexing, add the Symbol Files Indexer build feature should be added to the build configuration. After that all PDB files published as build aftifacts in artifacts of this configuration and all related sources will be indexed.
The PDB files packed via TeamCity artifact publishing rules would will be handled correctly handled.

The indexed data can be accessed in both modes: public (not requiring authorization) and authorized. Plugin The plugin uses standart standard authentication settings provided by the TeamCity server to make it works. Following

The following permissions are checked:

  • View build runtime parameters and data - while accessing to symbols,
  • View VCS file content - while accessing to sources.
    These are the default permissions of Project Developers have these permissions by default.

Guest user When logging into TeamCity as a guest user, the corresponding permissions are checked to grand unauthorized grant anonymous access to symbols and sources. If not allowedthe guest user permissions are insufficient, all enabled Http authentication modules are applied . So and the user would will be asked for credentials.

As a result, the The access mode can be configured globally or on a project-level. Also, different access modes can be specified for the symbols and sources.

TeamCity as a symbol server should be referenced by the folllowing following URL <TEAMCITY_SERVER_URL>/app/symbols. Particular The exact URL is available on the Administration > Integrations > Symbol Server page.


If you believe you've faced a bug: Issue Tracker (project: TeamCity)
If you want to ask a question or discuss: Forum

Sources The sources in the Mercurial repository.
Build The build for (TeamCity 8.0.x) at the JetBrains public TeamCity instance.