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All run configurations are created by ConfigurationFactory registered for particular ConfigurationType. It's possible that one ConfigurationType has more than one ConfigurationFactory:

The key API of ConfigurationFactory, and the only method that you're required to implement, is the createTemplateConfiguration method. This method is called once per project to create the template run configuration. All real run configurations (loaded from the workspace or created by the user) are called by cloning the template through the createConfiguration method.

You can customize additional aspects of your configuration factory by overriding the getIcon, getAddIcon, getName and the default settings methods. These additional overrides are optional.


Is represented by RunConfiguration interface. 'Run configuration' here is some named profile which can be executed, e.g. application started via 'main()' class, test, remote debug to particular machine/port etc. Here is an example of java run configurations defined for particular project: