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  • Gaya 8.0 EAP (build 27147) Release Notes

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In the build configuration where this Ant build step is defined I will see these parameter references as undefined parameters on Build parameters tab, because no one provided values for them.
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Now we need to associate labels and descriptions with these parameters, this can be done through regular parameter editing dialog.


Dependencies progress has been added on queued build page, you can now see estimates for all dependencies in one place.

Build problems

Health status report

Huge logs (based on disk usage report)





  • Server ID - we need some way to remove duplicate to be able to remove duplicates from our usage statistics reports from our databasewe need to identify server somehow. To be able to do it we introduced a unique identifier - server ID, which is sent together with usage statistics report. This ID is completely anonymous and does not contain machine-specific information.
  • Schedule trigger now supports defining time to trigger in a specific timezone.
  • Builds schedule report allows to filter data by sub projects
  • Build problems UI has got several improvements, notifications for build problems investigations are now supported