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  • Gaya 8.0 EAP (build 27147) Release Notes

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  • from now on, build configuration internal ID is no longer stored in project configuration files, external ID is used instead, the same applies to build configuration template.
  • since all VCS roots now belong to projects we removed the global vcs-roots.xml file and moved VCS roots settings to corresponding projects.

Meta runner

Meta-runner is a Build Runner which acts as a combination of one or more build runners and has user interface targeted to user domain. For example, it is possible to configure build step based on Ant to upload some file to ftp. You can move this build step in some template, replace host, user and password with parameter references (%host%, %user%), and then reuse this template in several build configurations. This approach gives some flexibility, but is not very user friendly. Isn't it better to have a dedicated build runner for this task with specific user interface? This is what Meta-runner about.

Queued build page

Dependencies progress has been added on queued build page, you can now see estimates for all dependencies in one place.