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Note that the official download page for Android presents various options for download.

The default ADT bundle for Windows, as well as for other platforms, includes Eclipse and the Android plugin. If you plan to use IntelliJ IDEA as your Android IDE, then you might want to opt for a smaller download and just pick up the Android SDK and platform tools.


By simply scrolling down the web page in the figure above, you can find specific instructions for getting the Android SDK to use with an existing IDE for a variety of software platforms, as in the figure below.

Once you have successfully downloaded the Android SDK for the platform of choice, you unzip it in a folder or just run the installer, if any. For the Windows platform, you find a convenient installer. As first thing the installer checks if the Java SDK is installed.

Next, you indicate the destination folder of the Android SDK files and proceeds with installation. Take a note of the installation path as IntelliJ IDEA needs to know about it to successfully compile your applications.