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Version Control Systems Support


Testing Frameworks Support


Apps, Notification and Interaction Applications



Windows Phone

  • My City - Windows Phone app
    by Michael Dumont
  • TeamCityMetro - Windows Phone app
    by Paul Stack and Gary Park, also have twitter account


Issue Trackers


Remote APIs


Administration Tools

  • Configuration TFS backup - a separate .Net application that monitors TeamCity server configuration files and can automatically check the changes into TFS
  • Agent Tasks - enable/disable (and more) predefined set of agents by schedule
  • VCS Root Manager - allows to change checkout rules via remote API (announcement). TeamCity 7.0 provides the ability via REST API
  • VCS users syncronization - prototype plugin to create TeamCity users based on VCS commits
  • TeamCity Console - Web console to run Groovy scripts in TeamCity environment. Also provides a report of server Spring context.



  • Autoincrementer - allows to share the sequence of build numbers between several build configurations
  • Date Build Number - adds date to build number. See also Groovy plug.
  • NetPublisher - publishing build artifacts to a network share (server-side)
  • RunAs - Adds ability to run builds in sandboxes, under different user accounts (requires TeamCity 6.5.3)
  • Shared Build Number - provides build number sharing between the build configurations and more.
  • Swabra - cleaning checkout directory (deleting new files) after the build (bundled since TeamCity 5.1)
  • unique - Issues unique build numbers to builds across projects in a simple counter fashion. See also Autoincrementer plugin above.
  • Url Build Trigger - Adds build to the build queue when detecting change at the specified URL.
  • TeamCity Shared Resources - Plugin allows to limit concurrently running builds from different build configurations based on defined "resources" and "locks".

Other Systems Support



Support for TeamCity in Other Tools

  • Confluence Plugin - TeamCity Integration Plugin plugin for Atlassian Confluence by StiltSoft
  • github has a service hook to trigger a build in TeamCity on commit (see code at code)
  • hubot - support for some TeamCity commands for Hubot
  • Jira plugin - display TeamCity builds information in Jira issues and Dashboard. Jira plugin by StiltSoft
  • Mocha - on-the-fly reporting via service messages for Mocha JavaScript testing framework. Related post with instructions.
  • NDepend (instructions on configuring NDepend build and displaying reports in TeamCity)
  • Plastic SCM
  • QNUnit
  • uDeploy

Other Integration Examples

psake - example on reporting NUnit tests to TeamCity from psake build


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