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The command line tools come with support for autocompletion of several known tools. Nothing comes for free: we have to add and enable the tools we want to use through the settings. After adding Composer, for example, we get autocompletion on all composer commands (note the default alias of "c" has been changed to "composer" in the screenshot below): 


  1. From the Project Settings | Command Line Tool Support, add a new tool using the + icon on the toolbar
  2. Select Custom tool. The tool can be enabled for the current project only or global (for all projects).
  3. In the next step, some additional settings will have to be provided: the tool name, the full path to the tool, an alias, and a description:
  4. Click OK and note that the tool will be added to the list of command line tools. We can see the alias (which will be used to call the tool) and the full path to the tool.
  5. Optionally, we can provide the IDE with autocompletion information.
  6. Close the settings.

Adding autocompletion for a custom command line tool