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  • Gaya 8.0 EAP (build 26984) Release Notes

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  • it can improve responsiveness of the TeamCity server, as VCS-specific operations sometime require significant CPU power and significant amounts of memory resources. If these operations are moved to a separate process, chances are main TeamCity server will work faster.
  • VCS worker improves reliability of the server. Any bugs in VCS specific component will affect VCS worker but won't affect server. If there is a memory or resources leak, it can cause VCS worker failure, but server at least will be able to show user interface, access builds, changes, etc.
  • it should be easier to discover CPU and memory issues if they are related to VCS operations. Without worker if some VCS plugin ate a lot of resources it can be hard to find it, because plugin works in the same Java process as server and server usually does a lot of work. With worker this should be easier.