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  • Gaya 8.0 EAP (build 26984) Release Notes

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If you want to experiment with this feature please refer to our documentation for VCS worker installation instructions:

Project groups

Ability to With this EAP project groups became one step closer. Now it is possible:

  • create sub


  • projects


  • move or copy project


  • to another project


  • projects hierarchy is shown in all projects popup and in bread crumbs, we also started working on hierarchy on overview page
  • parameters defined in parent project are available in sub projects and their configurations, which effectively gives you a feature like global parameters (TW-11202), as there is a Root project which includes all other projects
  • VCS roots defined in parent project are available in subprojects, we plan to get rid of shared VCS roots and replace them with VCS roots attached to Root project

Server health reports

New page was added in Administration area: Server health. Our intention is to provide server administrators with different reports highlighting possible configuration problems. Currently the following reports are available: