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Comment: described .net inspections improvements


Investigation and mute for build problems



Inspections improvements

//TODO: msbuild model support; caches cleanup

Full MSBuild model support

We've worked hard for a couple of months with our colleagues from ReSharper team to fix big set of bugs in server-side .NET code analysis. Generally all those bugs could be described as "It see no errors (warnings) in Visual Studio, but TeamCity shows me number of problems in my code."
The reason is - project model, which is an input for code analysis, was incorrectly constructed outside of Visual Studio. In order to fix it we now support all set of MSBuild-related features ususally used.
Some of them are:

There still might be some issues so we are highly insterested in your feedback about this feature!

Analysis results caches

We also have negative feedback about performance of code analysis on the server in comparison with ReSharper's work inside Visual Studio. So now all data, produced by code analysis which could be used in future builds on the same build agent, is stored outside of checkout directory (by default) and cleared as ususal TeamCity build agent's caches data.

Remove build feature

Other improvements