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Resource is a named entity that is defined per project. Build configurations can lock resources during execution of build steps. To create a resource, head to project configuration page. There choose 'SharedResources' tab.
Resources can have quota - You can create resources of two types: simple named resources with quotas and resources with custom values.

  • Quota is a maximum number of


  • read locks


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Managing locks

  • that can be acquired on resource. Quota can be infinite.
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  • Custom value is a value that is passed to build that has acquired a lock on such resource. For example, it can represent and URL
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Project groups support. (TC 8.0+)

Resources support project groups and subprojects. If you define a resource in a project that has subprojects, it will be available to all tree of subprojects

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Information on resource usage is gathered across all subprojects

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Managing locks

Locking quoted resources

There are two types of locks supported: read locks and write locks. Read locks are shared (multiple builds with read locks are allowed), write locks are exclusive (only a single running build with a write lock is allowed).

  • To add a lock, head to a build stem in your build configuration, that requires locks.
  • Add a build feature 'Shared Resources management'
  • Use dialog to add necessary locks
  • If you want to define additional resources, you can do it in-place
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Locking resources with custom values

Resources with custom values support three types of locks:

  • Lock on any available value. In this case unless all values are used by running builds, the build that uses resource will start with one of available values. If all valued are used, the build will wait in queue.
  • Lock on all values. In this case build will lock all values of the resource. No other builds that use this resource will be started until it is finished.
  • Lock on specific value. In this case only specific value of the resource will be passed to the build. If it is taken by another build, the build will wait in queue until it becomes available.

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