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Starting from TeamCity 8.0 it is possible to use additional processes (vcs-workers) to serve version control operations. Every VCS operation could be executed either inside TeamCity server or could be sent for execution to a connected vcs-worker

To install the vcs-worker:

  • open Administration | Vcs-worker page on TeamCity server and download
  • extract to the target machine and open port 9888 in firewall
  • start vcs-worker with <vcs-worker>/bin/agent.bat start or <vcs-worker>/bin/ start command
  • set JAVA_HOME environment variable with path to installed Java JVM 1.6+
  • make sure you can open vcs worker address in browser from server TeamCity server
  • open <TeamCity data directory>/config/
  • un-comment worker.1.url line (remove #) and specify URL to installed vcs-worker, i.e. http://vcs-worker-host:9888
  • copy to
  • no TeamCity server restart is required

Additional steps for advanced configuration of vcs-worker:

  • check <vcs-worker>>/conf/ for more options
  • rename <vcs-worker>>/conf/ to in order to apply the change
  • restart vcs-worker to apply the change

Additional steps for TeamCity server configuration:

  • check <TeamCity data directory>/config/ for more options
  • apply changes into file
  • no restart is required