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This plugin allows to limit

the number of
concurrently running builds from different build configurations based on defined hidden-data "resources" and "locks".
Current version supports multiple read and write locks per build configuration.


Install the plugin as usual.

Managing resources

Resource is a named entity that is defined per project. Build configurations can lock resources during execution of build steps. To create a resource, head to project configuration page. There choose 'SharedResources' tab.
Resources can have quota - maximum number of concurrent read locks. Example below shows two resources: one with quota, one without.

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Managing locks

There are two types of locks supported: read locks and write locks. Read locks are shared (multiple builds with read locks are allowed), write locks are exclusive (only a single running build with a write lock is allowed).

  • After installing the pluginTo add a lock, head to a build step stem in a your build configuration, that requires locks.
  • Add a build feature 'Shared Resources management'
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  • Use dialog to add necessary locks
  • Save your changes. Locks will be visible on the build step page
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  • If you want to define additional resources, you can do it in-place
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Information in build queue

  • To see locks in effect, see builds standing in head to build queue page. Screenshot below shows a build waiting fo lock
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