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Apache 2.0




alfa beta


Adds the ability to download build artifacts via the BitTorrent protocol.


After installing the plugin and running new builds, artifacts above a certain size (10Mb by default) get a torrent icon in the artifacts list.
Clicking on the icon downloads a torrent file ready to be opened in a BitTorrent client.
The artifacts are seeded by the server and by the agent which produced the artifact.

(info) Both the server and agent bind on the first available port in 6881-6889 interval, so these ports should be reachable.

Available settings:

  • Use the BitTorrent protocol for artifact dependencies - agents will use the BitTorrent protocol to download artifact dependencies not only from the server, but from the other seeding agents too.
  • Allow users to download artifacts via a BitTorrent client - a torrent icon is displayed near to the artifacts


  • available


  • for downloading via the torrent protocol.

See the "Torrent Settings" page in the server administration for changing the configuration options.

More information is available in the related TeamCity blogpost.

TeamCity Versions Compatibility

TeamCity 8.1+
TeamCity 9.х
TeamCity 2017.2.х


Continuous Integration

Current TeamCity 8.1.x:

The current build status is Image Removed Image Added
Detailed CI status page
Download torrent-plugin

TeamCity 9.x:

The current build status is Image Added
Detailed CI status page
Download torrent-plugin

TeamCity 2017.2.x:

The current build status is Image Added
Detailed CI status page
Download torrent-plugin