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  • Subversion: tree conflicts visualization and resolve (for some variants)
  • Perforce: more reliable offline mode and authentication problem handling, ignored files support
  • Git:
    • Commit & update optimizations.
    • Cherry-pick usability enhancements.
    • Show Diff for directories from history; Compare with Branch for directories.
    • Show Diff for merge commits allows to select a parent to compare with.
    • Pre-commit check if CRLF line separators are about to be committed to the repository.
  • Github: usability improvements for Gists.
  • Mercurial:
    • Repository View.
    • Show files affected in commit from the file history and annotations.
  • Diff and Merge tooltools:
    • UI improvements.
    • Highlight applied changes; allow to apply both sides of a conflict.
    • Ability to modify editor settings: enable/disable soft wraps, line numbers, whitespaces and indent guides.
    • External merge tools support
    • Diff
    • :
    • Show show line separators indicator if they are different.
    • Merge: highlight applied changes; allow to apply both sides of a conflict.
    • External merge tools support.

Play Framework

  • Play 1.2.5
    • Custom tags, navigation between views and controllers, annotations, list and field tags support.
  • Play 2.0
    • Scala templates code assistance: navigation, code completion, find usages, etc.