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The list of supported build dimensions:
buildType:(<buildTypeLocator>) - only the builds of the specified build configuration
tags:<tags> - ","(comma) -delimited list of build tags (only builds containing all the specified tags are returned)
status:<SUCCESS/FAILURE/ERROR> - list the builds with the specified status only
user:(<userLocator>) - limit the builds to only those triggered by user specified
personal:<true/false/any> - limit the builds by personal flag.
canceled:<true/false/any> - limit the builds by canceled flag.
running:<true/false/any> - limit the builds by running flag.
pinned:<true/false/any> - limit the builds by pinned flag.
branch:<branch locator> - (since TeamCity 7.1) limit the builds by branch. <branch locator> can be branch name (displayed in UI, or "(name:<name>,default:<true/false/any>,unspecified:<true/false/any>,branched:<true/false/any>)"
agentName:<name> - agent name to return only builds ran on the agent with name specified
sinceBuild:(<buildLocator>) - limit the list of builds only to those after the one specified
sinceDate:<date> - limit the list of builds only to those started after the date specified. The date should in the same format as dates returned by REST API.