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If you get error in response to your request and want to investigate the reason, enable debug logging in the please look into rest-related server logs for "" category and then see logs/teamcity-rest.log file.

Feel free to ask questions and provide feedback in our plugins forum.


Since TeamCity 7.0
CCTray-compatible XML is available via http://teamcity:8111/httpAuth/app/rest/cctray/projects.xml
Without authentication (only build configurations available for guest user): http://teamcity:8111/guestAuth/app/rest/cctray/projects.xml.

CORS Support

Since TeamCity 7.1, REST can be configured to allow Cross-origin requests.
If you want to allow requests from a page loaded from specific domain, add the domain to comma-separated internal property

If that does not work, please enable debug logging and investigate the log lines which should be pretty descriptive.


See logs\teamcity-rest.log for REST-related logging. You can also enable debug logging in the server logs for "" category to get details about each processed request.

REST API Versions

As REST API evolves from one TeamCity version to another there can be incompatible changes into the protocol.
Under http://teamcity:8111/app/rest/ URL the latest version is available.
Under http://teamcity:8111/app/rest/<version> URL, other versions CAN be available. Our general policy is to supply TeamCity with ONE previous version.
In TeamCity 7.0 you can use "6.0" instead of <version> to get previous version of the protocol.