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No subsystem


IDEA-86137 (Performance Problem)

Intellij Freeze

IDEA-81507 (Bug)

Good code is red: "Nested quantifier in regexp"

IDEA-87812 (Bug)

The button "Clear the contents of the console" on the debug console is not available

IDEA-87685 (Bug)

Compiler does not include *.java files in output



IDEA-87978 (Bug)

'plurals' resources are not recognized by code analysis/completion

IDEA-88338 (Bug)

logcat highlight and filtering does not work on Android 4.1

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-87295 (Bug)

Reformatting code on a folder unsets the dialog visibility checkbox.



IDEA-86267 (Usability Problem)

ColdFusion: provide some icons for logical mappings in completion list

IDEA-86271 (Bug)

ColdFusion: logical mapping paths are not available in completion only if the already entered path contains slashes

IDEA-86276 (Bug)

ColdFusion: on mapping logical path change by appending some symbols to existing path no errors are shown for notchanged usages

IDEA-83123 (Bug)

Un var'd variables are not availanle in other functions for code completion

IDEA-87755 (Bug)

Completion available for cfinclude template path but not cfmodule

IDEA-87754 (Bug)

Built-in cfquery variables not recognized

IDEA-83095 (Bug)

Completion in cfinclude

IDEA-87443 (Bug)

Please impove autocomplete and autocoloring for Coldfusion

IDEA-88135 (Bug)

ColdFusion Server Mapping ambiguities

IDEA-88298 (Bug)

Upgrade to 120.11 removed the ColdFusion Server Mapping from my project



IDEA-84156 (Feature)

Dart: "Quick Documentation" support

IDEA-87296 (Feature)

Add support for dart2js in Dart plugin

IDEA-87323 (Bug)

Dart plugin: Provide parameter lookup for optional parameters

IDEA-87278 (Bug)

Dart: Cannot change color scheme for local functions

IDEA-88108 (Bug)

Dart plugin: Enable reporting exceptions from within IDEA

IDEA-88107 (Exception)

Dart plugin: Exception while navigating to SDK classes and back again



IDEA-63258 (Usability Problem)

Database table editor: Escape does not work in cell editing mode in specific (most) cases

IDEA-78662 (Bug)

Editing table in db console updates the wrong row

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-87833 (Feature)

Hungry Backspace (from Emacs cc-mode)

IDEA-82338 (Bug)

"Collapse All" Collapses only comments

IDEA-87120 (Bug)

IDEA not usable anymore after "Indent" some java code

IDEA-85942 (Bug)

Can't enter Latvian accented characters with right alt

IDEA-87174 (Bug)

cursor is rendered in wrong position



IDEA-87892 (Usability Problem)

Theme URL: respect ${FLEX_SDK} macro

IDEA-87891 (Usability Problem)

When using 'MX only framework linkage' update theme link accordingly

IDEA-88199 (Performance Problem)

When editing mxml files, sometimes IntelliJ locks up

IDEA-87925 (Bug)

When using Flex SDK 4.1A framework libraries which should be linked as RSL are merged insted resulting in huge swf fie being created.

IDEA-87720 (Bug)

When compiling flex app, the generated config xml contains invalid build number for framework RSL library

IDEA-87648 (Bug)

'Checking AIR version' progress hangs indefinitely when trying to launch Android app first time after OS reboot

IDEA-88563 (Bug)

Incorrectly generates html wrapper

IDEA-86188 (Bug)

Debugging Flash floods FlashPlayerTrust



IDEA-87690 (Bug)

Haxe casting interface/class parser error



IDEA-88428 (Bug)

Underscores in variables cause an error in HQL parsing



IDEA-87950 (Bug)

JavaScript: extract function inline throw exception if there is any code before



IDEA-88215 (Cosmetics)

Maven: typo in "Error running" message



IDEA-83577 (Bug)

Good MySQL is shown as wrong

IDEA-87979 (Bug)

Inspection error for .SQL with Microsoft SQL Server (TSQL) dialect

IDEA-84962 (Bug)

Unable to edit SQL table field data for 1K+ strings?

IDEA-84595 (Bug)

Cannot edit SQLite database tables via Data Source -> Table Editor

IDEA-77085 (Bug)

SQL Types Inspection: false warning for table correlation name when derived column list is provided

Task Management


IDEA-87529 (Bug)

GitHub Task Server: Not able to connect to github issue tracker: Error on line 29: The element type "meta" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</meta>".

Version Control. Git


IDEA-66115 (Bug)

Git line-end conversion settings - default has side-effects

IDEA-88488 (Bug)

Git pull with conflicts produces "File Cache Conflict"

IDEA-87513 (Bug)

"Could not load details" in git changes log (because of files with quotes in their names)

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-88141 (Bug)

Getting error when trying to show differences in revisions of file in TFS using WebStorm

Web Services


IDEA-88358 (Bug)

Generate java code from wsdl generates in package "mypackage" whatever I specified.