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Local History helps us track our local changes for the project, and prevents accidentally looses loses or modifications of the project, even outside from the IDE. This tutorial will show you how to use Local History to view and revert changes, and how to use labels.


Beware, Local History stores local changes of your project files only for 5 days. Generally it is aimed for development before you put your changes into VCS.


Add some documentation to our class to make finish it look finalizedoff.

6. Put label

Since we have a final version of our class, we may put add a label to the history. Label helps find This label will help us to find a particular version of file in the history.

To put add a label use the

Local History → Put Label
action from the context menu in the editor.


Now you see the changes for selected code only. You may easily find the label we put called "Initial version" label we added.

9. Revert changes

Let's say we don't need some change and want to revert our code to the previous version. Use

action from the context menu on the version you find appropriate.