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Mark build as successful / failed

Sometimes you need to mark a failed build as successful, for example, if a failure happened because of a minor problem, and you want other builds to take artifacts of this build, or your want to promote this build further by pipeline.
From the other hand, there are cases when TeamCity was not able to determine build failure. For example, build finished but because of an error in build script it did not produce any artifacts. So the build clearly cannot be treated as successful.

To handle both of these cases we added ability to mark build as successful or failed. In both cases you need to provide some description of the reason of this operation. Both of these operations will be logged into audit log and can be examined later. Also to be able to change build status one need to have a Project administrator role.


  • XCode runner is now bundled with TeamCity
  • NuGet 1.8 / 2.0 support