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CamelHumps support is a significant concept that also spans multiple navigation features of dotPeek that are highlighted below.

dotPeek provides the Assembly Explorer to traverse the list of opened assemblies. Expanding an assembly node lists namespaces within the assembly that can be further expanded to types and type members, as well as assembly references. Note that the Assembly Explorer uses the same set of icons that are used in Visual Studio for member identification.


For more details on these and other special-purpose commands available through the Navigate To drop-down menu, see ReSharper web help.

titleKnown Issue

The Navigate To functionality is shared between ReSharper and dotPeek. As of early EAP, the Navigate To menu in dotPeek contains several items that are ReSharper-specific, such as Go to Related Files. These items will be removed in subsequent EAP builds.

Searching in Decompiled Code


When it comes to customizing your workspace within dotPeek, you do need the mouse but otherwise, it's plain easy and familiar. Tool windows behave the same way they do in Visual Studio: they can be left floating or docked in multiple positions. Find Results and Type Hierarchy support multiple tabs, allowing you to have several sets of search results or hierarchies open at the same time, and File Structure content can be filtered to only display results that match a search string:

What's Next

The feature scope of As dotPeek 1.0 has been more or less defined, and before we release it later that year, we're looking for user feedback from EAP users - hopefully tons of feedback that would allow us to make the new decompiler bug-free and comfortable in daily use by .NET developers.successfully released in May 2012, we're now looking to come up with a bug fix release in coming months, and then proceed to implementing your feature requests.

Thanks for reading up until this point. ! We hope you've had much fun playing with dotPeek.

In case you were just looking around trying to find out if the tool was worth it, now it's probably the right time to download the latest and greatest dotPeek and see with your own eyes.