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For some types of dependencies the pop-up menu offers the possibility to invoke convenience actions such as Show Usages or Safe Delete. For the "depends on" dependencies (those without re-export) Dependencies Analyzer will be invoked for the Show Usages action.


Save Transient Models



It's not a secures that you can save transient models during code generation for debugging purposes. In MPS 2.5 you can switch on/off transient models saving just by clicking onto a button in status bar:

Version control

More reliable merge conflict handling with the MPS merge driver:


In MPS 2.0 Merge Driver was introduced to resolve merge conflicts inside MPS-specific files. In MPS 2.5 Merge driver was modified in order to handle merge conflicts in a more reliable way:

  • Merge driver is now handling .msd/.mpl files .
  • The merge driver tries to leave the models in the working directory in a readable state during conflict resolution
  • Conflicted models cannot be opened from project tree in a normal way. When you first in addition to the model files
  • Model files are always kept in a valid state, even during merge conflict resolution
  • Each time you try to open a conflicted model with conflicts, the a merge dialog for this model will would show up.


Using MPS projectional Editing functionality and improved debugger support it is possible to implement cell-based highlighting of DSL code instead of usual single line highlighting typical for text-based debuggers:


  1. In the generic debugger:
    • Cell-based highlighting in tables.
    • Toolbar with stepping actions in the Debugger Tool.
  2. In the Java debugger:
    • "Copy value" action in the variables tree.
    • Special highligting for breakpoints on which the debugger is not able to stop.
    • Evaluate selection: Alt+F8 copies the selected code to the Evaluate window.
    • High-level types and variable names are calculated for variables in the evaluation and watches windows. Low-level types (i.e. types from the generated Java code) are shown in brackets.
  3. For developers of debugger extension:
    • isApplicable function is available in the breakpoints creators.


Comfortable way to run MPS from MPS

A Run Configuration, which starts another instance of MPS from MPS, can now automatically open a selected project on start. You can either choose an arbitrary project path or open the current project that is already open in the current MPS instance. In the Latter case, the project file is copied into a temporary directory to avoid collisions between the two running instances.

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