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  • What's new in MPS 2.5 M1

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  1. In generic debugger:
    • Cell-based highlighting in tables.
    • Toolbar with stepping actions in Debugger Tool.
  2. In java debugger:
    • "Copy value" action in variables tree.
    • Highligting for breakpoints on which debugger can not stop.
    • Evaluate selection: Alt+F8 copies selected code to the shown Evaluate window.
    • High-level types and variable names calculated for variables in evaluation/watches. Low-level types (i.e. types from generated java code) are shown in brackets.
  3. For debugger developer:
    • isApplicable function in breakpoints creators.
    • API improvements: custom providers for, custom source positions.

New option in run configuration for running MPS from MPS

Run configuration which starts another instance of MPS from MPS now can open a selected project. One can choose a project path or open the project already opened in current MPS instance. In the last case, a project file is copied into a temporal directory.
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If you already use MPS in your projects, you may benefit from reading our migration guide with detailed description of the migration process.