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One of the goals for MPS 2.5 release was making our platform modular. By exploring Plugins page in setting dialog it's easy to see increased number of plugin forming MPS 2.5 platform. If some plugins are not necessary for current tasks those plugins can be simply switched of increasing performance of the platform. Same trick can be used to create reduced IDE for some specific DSLs based on MPS.


In order to make MPS more modular, debugger API and java debugger were fully moved to plugins for MPS and could be completely turned off when not needed. Migration for the code that uses debugger api is included into our migration wizard. the migration script "Fix references to debugger classes" is also available for manual execution.

New features in debugger introduced in MPS 2.5:

  1. In generic debugger:
    • Cell-based highlighting in tables.
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    • Toolbar with stepping actions in Debugger Tool.
  2. In java debugger:
    • "Copy value" action in variables tree.
    • Highligting for breakpoints on which debugger can not stop.
    • Evaluate selection.
    • High-levele types calculated for variables in evaluation.
  3. For debugger developer:
    • isApplicable function in breakpoints creators.
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    • API improvements: custom providers for, custom source positions.


If you already use MPS in your projects, you may benefit from reading our migration guide with detailed description of the migration process.