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Idea core features:

  • Bytecode viewer plugin
  • Rearranger plugin is now bundled
  • Recent Files (Ctrl-E) popup redesigned
  • Middle matching in completion
  • Rewritten annotation processing configuration
  • Compilation subsystem rewrite: "External make" feature
    • The new make is by default off, can be enabled on a per-project basis from "Settings | Compiler | Use out-of-process build for project compilation" checkbox.
    • Currently supported: incremental compilation of Java, Groovy, resource copying, UI Designer forms, Artifacts, Android, annotation processing, not-null instrumentation
    • Currently NOT SUPPORTED: projects that store data in Eclipse format, Grails-specific instrumentation
    • Highlights:
      • all compilation tasks are performed in a separate process, fully independent from IDE's VM, no interference with AWT thread, no IDE resources consumption during build
      • lower memory requirements for the IDE.
      • in the make process javac compiler is called in "in-process" mode via java API, hence faster java sources compilation
      • java make: completely rewritten java classes dependency management for faster and more accurate search of dependent classes
      • 'automake' mode: automatic make  triggered by events from IDE's virtual file system. If such make resulted in errors, those are highlighted in Project View and editor tabs
      • faster project rebuild