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The parsing and lexing of languages requires specialized tools. This is why, as of the 7.0 release, the ReSharper SDK comes with a set of tools and target files as well as a fully worked-out example of supporting a new language. The following items are included:

  • CsLex --- a tool for creating lexical analysers for different languages.
  • Java --- contains IKVM infrastructure which permits the running of the Java-based parser generator.
  • MSBuild --- contains build tasks that can be used to automate lexer and parser construction.
  • parserGen --- a tool for creating ReSharper-compatible parsers.

In addition to the tools, the SDK also comes with a full language plugin example located in the Samples/PsiPlugin folder. This sample is a full implementation of a language plugin for supporting PSI files, which are parser definition files used by parserGen. As a result, plugin developers interested in using parserGen for new language development are advised to compile and install PsiPlugin, which can greatly simplify the process of working with parser definition files.