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  • TW-16621 - VS adding failed to post changes to TeamCity server
  • TW-17283 - "Artifact paths" in "General Settings" are not trimmed
  • TW-20323 - Mercurial 2.1 is broken in TeamCity
  • TW-20446 - Maintenance Authentication Token Missing
  • TW-20886 - Could not find property 'all' on SourceSet container.
  • TW-20965 - Agents not connecting after reboot on 7.0.1
  • TW-20970 - Agent stuck in 'restarting' state
  • TW-20974 - Parameter of type "password" appears in plain text in teamcity-agent.log
  • TW-20976 - A failed test might not result in a failed build when the test changes its name during the build run
  • TW-21022 - MSBuild under mono fails - dependency on Microsoft.Build.Utilities.v4.0
  • TW-21041 - IDEA plugin fails to prepare remote run
  • TW-21042 - JavaScript error "Object doesn't support this property or method" on clicking on archive file in artifacts (Internet Explorer)
  • TW-21043 - Cannot download all artifacts in Internet Explore via SSL: Unable to open this Internet site.
  • TW-21044 - Spelling Error on TeamCity Installation Page
  • TW-21046 - Inspections (.NET) hanging build in case solution-wide analysis is turned on
  • TW-21048 - NuGet trigger does not support paging on linux
  • TW-21050 - NuGet 1.7 may not be unpacked
  • TW-21052 - After Upgrading from TeamCity 7.0.1 to 7.0.2 agents cannot be started from commandline if JAVA_HOME is not defined
  • TW-21061 - Support solution-wide packages.config files for NuGet
  • TW-21062 - Project-level parameters are copied into build configuration on project copy
  • TW-21069 - JavaScript injection via IDs in URLs
  • TW-21103 - Using %teamcity.nuget.feed.server% variable in a NuGet trigger fails
  • TW-21129 - Performance Problems with Adding Snapshot Dependencies
  • TW-21138 - TFS URL with space %20 characters build issue, work around not working in v7.0.2 (build 21349)
  • TW-21154 - Build can fail with reason "Client time zone already set for this build" probably because of race condition
  • TW-21195 - Migration from 4.5.6 to 7.x.x fails: Converter 472: Cannot insert the value NULL into column agent_type_id, table agent_type_bt_access
  • TW-21199 - Downloading dotCover snapshot with VS addin results in message "Too short file"
  • TW-21222 - Corrupt Artifact Dependencies
  • TW-21248 - Can't display more then 366 projects on the projects main-page
  • TW-21321 - Agent failing to upgrade to 7.0.2
  • TW-21349 - Cannot get build configuration by name via REST: only one project is searched
  • TW-21353 - Incorrect line numbers in code snippets areas of Duplicates browser
  • TW-21356 - VCS (Mercurial) issues after upgrading to TeamCity Enterprise 7.0.2 (build 21349)
  • TW-21357 - NuGet Update does not detect new version
  • TW-21375 - TeamCity Maxing out CPU, Memory, and Slamming SQL Server
  • TW-21396 - Incorrect links to the archived projects page
  • TW-21398 - TeamCity throws exception in investigation dialog when running in Tomcat 7.0.27
  • TW-21423 - TeamCity may not merge builds in queue if some chain and sub-chain are in the queue and sub-chain has the same set of changes as chain
  • TW-21441 - Possible NPE on viewing report tab from archive
  • TW-21455 - TeamCity 7.0.1 Hanging on Checking for Changes After Upgrade
  • TW-21457 - CME is thrown from fireMessageLogged if Agent is started under IBM JDK
  • TW-21458 - DB Deadlock starting build: select max(bs.modification_id) from build_state ...
  • TW-21487 - Configure command-line remote runner crashes with exception