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(warning) What you need to know about this server

  • Any newly registered user account is added to a group 'Scrum EAP', and thus gains Project Administrator permissions. Which means that any of you will be able to create a new project, if you want to, and make some basic customizations to a project if needed. However, please remember that this is not your own personal instance and respect your co-evaluators: Please don't make any global changes, that might affect their work. We rely on your common sense (smile)
  • The 'guest' user has Reporter permissions for all projects.
  • We decided to disable notifications on the server, and thus you will not receive any notification about issue changes.
  • This is Early Access Program, and we reserve the right to update the server as often as we see fit, without any additional notificationannouncement, and thus you might encounter a brief periods of downtime. So please be patient.
  • We might update the build, which runs on the hosted EAP instance, more often than we publish stand-alone EAP builds (e.g. for testing purposes), and thus the number of build on hosted instance and the number of the latest published stand-alone EAP build might be different.