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This is not supported

You can disable the automatic detection of the predefined properties by editing the {{}} file and adding the *disableDotNetDetection* property.

{note}Please note that {{disableDotNetDetection}} property is case-sensitive.{note}

This property can have the following values:
|| Value || Description \\ ||
| empty string | All versions of .NET Framework will be detected and added to the Agent Properties |
| '*' | All existing versions of .NET Framework will not be detected and thus not included in the Agent Properties |
| version number(s) (Values should be separated by commas) | Excludes versions of .NET Framework starting with that number |
| 'windowsSDK6.0' or 'w' | Excludes Windows SDK 6.0 |
| VS<X> | Excludes Visual Studio version <X>, where <X> can be 2003, 2005, 2008 or left blank to exclude all existing versions of Visual Studio \\ |
|| Examples || Description \\ ||
| {{disableDotNetDetection=3}} | Excludes .NET Framework 3.0, 3.5 and all other versions starting with 3 |
| {{disableDotNetDetection=1.1,2.0}} | Excludes .NET Framework versions 1.1 and 2.0 |
| {{disableDotNetDetection=w,2.0,VS2003}} | Excludes Windows SDK 6.0, .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2003 |
{tip}You can refer to the *Agent Details* page of the TeamCity web UI to view properties set for a particular Build Agent.

Agent Build Properties

These properties are unique for each build: they are calculated on the agent right before the build start and are then passed into the build.

System Property Name

Environment Variable Name



Checkout directory used for the build. This property is unique for each build: it is calculated on the agent right before build start and is then passed to the build.


Working directory where the build is started. This is a path where TeamCity build runner is supposed to start a process. This is a runner-specific property, thus it is re-resolved on agent for each step.


Full path of the build temp directory automatically generated by TeamCity. The directory will be cleaned after the build.



Generated username that can be used to download artifacts of other build configurations. Valid only during the build.



Generated password that can be used to download artifacts of other build configurations. Valid only during the build.


Full name (including path) of the file containing all the system.* properties passed to the build. "system." prefix stripped off. The file uses Java properties file format (for example, special symbols are backslash-escaped).


Full path to a file with information about changed files included in the build. This property is useful if you want to support running of new and modified tests in your tests runner. This file is only available if there were changes in the build.