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  • Continued work on UI changes (Project View, run/debug toolwindows UI redesigned)
  • Subversion 1.7 support (work in progress)
  • Changes View update optimizations for Perforce integration
  • New Coverage view
  • New tree-based File Structure Popup
  • Improved popup for controlling Git branches (checkout, compare, delete, multi-root support)
  • Git commit & Git status performance optimization.
  • Highlighting of unused public members in Groovy code
  • Extract Closure refactoring for Groovy
  • New Flex project structure UI (work in progress)
  • Spring support improvements
  • Hibernate 4 support (work in progress)
  • Gradle project synchronization support (work in progress)
  • Android lint tool integration
  • Magic Constant inspection and code completion
  • Possibility to run JUnit or TestNG tests from abstract classes, as well as for any selection of classes or methods
  • Groovy Shell
  • Chained code completion for Java and Groovy
  • ECMAscript "Harmony" syntax support in the JavaScript plugin