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What's New in dotTrace Performance 5.0

1. New remote profiling; now dotTrace works over . Profile remote applications through the firewalls,  VPNsVPNs, with less privileges and requires less administrative rights; only one port is necessary for communicationless maintenance.

2. dotPeek as an integrated view for non-native sourcecodeYou can now see decompiled sources in the source view thanks to dotPeek decompiler.

3. Attach/Detach of a profiler to an already started process. Start investigating performance bottlenecks when they occur by attaching to a running application.

4. Improved plain view: added inplace filtering of user/system functions, added groupping grouping by assembly.

5. Command line support: editor to prepare a config file for console running of the profiling, ability to integrate profiling process into Teamcity builds via MsBuild or Nant tasks.. Integrate performance profiling into your continuous integration scenarios. Includes designer for command-line configuration.

6. Usability redesign for Adjust time feature (i.e. all the adjustments can now be reset with one click in Overview screen) + now it is possible to control the time of non-user functions 'Adjust Time'. Estimate gains from optimizing non-user code (like GC) and easily reset optimisations from the overview screen.

7. Transparent integration mode for Typemock TypeMock (and for any other app) to be able to use us seamlessly.

8. Less memory usage during the performance profiling session.

9. Support for IIS Express, including from the Visual Studio integration.

10. Faster (up to 20x)   construction of plain list for large snapshots.


dotTrace 5.0 Performance EAP

You can download fresh EAP build of dotTrace 5.0 here.

titledotTrace 4.5.1 Performance is Released

Please download the officially released build of dotTrace 4.5.1 Performance.

dotTrace pre-release builds are published automatically. You can see ratings from other users to decide whether you should download a build and rate builds yourself. We stopped selecting special "EAP" builds ourselves as different users have different stability criteria.


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