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  • Introducing JetBrains dotPeek

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CamelHumps support is a significant concept that also spans multiple navigation features of dotPeek that are highlighted below.
dotPeek provides the Assembly Explorer to traverse the list of opened assemblies. Expanding an assembly node lists namespaces within the assembly that can be further expanded to types and type members, as well as assembly references. Note that the Assembly Explorer uses the same set of icons that are used in Visual Studio for member identification.

Clicking a reference

Pressing F4 on an entry in the Assembly Explorer brings up the Properties tool window that shows basic information about a selected assembly or reference, such as assembly location, full name, and platform version.

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Double-clicking a reference loads the referenced assembly, if immediately available. Clicking Double-clicking a type or type member displays decompiled code in the source code view area.

Clicking Double-clicking an entry under the Resources folder opens the source representation of the corresponding resource in the source code view area (this, for example, applies to .resources files that are converted back to human-readable .resx form, as well as .png and .bmp image formats), or passes it to an external application.