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Broader technology support
  • Gradle integration
  • XSLT debugger support
  • CoffeeScript support
  • Velocity 1.7 support
  • JSLint / JSHint integration
  • Updated HTML5 schema
  • Zen Coding 0.7 support
  • Android layout preview
  • Android: compilation of renderscript files
  • Android: built-in obfuscation
  • Android: support for external "apklib" dependencies in maven projects
  • Android: improved filtering in logcat view
  • JBoss 7 support
  • WebSphere 8 support
  • AspectJ support: ITDs on interfaces, configurable aspect path, push-in refactoring, more in progress
  • Spring: improved performance for large models, bean dependency  diagram (with new features), "Generate @Autowired dependency.." action, etc.
  • Spring 3.1 @Configuration contexts, @ComponentScan, @ImportResource, @Profile, @PropertySource.
  • Spring Testing: @ContextConfiguration configured with @Configuration array, @ActiveProfile
  • Spring Integration: generic support.
  • Spring Data (JPA): generic support.
  • Play framework support.
  • Underlying frameworks support (frameworks libraries - spring, jsf, etc.)
  • Grails 2.0.0 (1.4) full support.
  • Groovy 1.9 support
  • JarFinder
  • New Groovy intentions: Replace qualified reference with import, Add single-member static import, Add on-demand static import
  • Introduce Closure Parameter refactoring for Groovy
  • Search for duplicates in Groovy and JavaScript code
  • GWT support enhancements: new inspections, improved editing of GWT-specific css files

PHP, Phing, CommandLineTools, Apache Config support plugins are unbundled and will be available as separate download when IntelliJ IDEA 11 is released.