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What is Early Access Program

We at JetBrains believe that making tools for developers should greatly involve listening to developers. Our Early Access Program lets development community closely participate in discussions devoted to IntelliJ IDEA and influence development planning, from early stages onwards.
Early Access Program allows you to try pre-release versions of our software to evaluate features that will be added to the next release.

titleBe Careful

It is important to distinguish EAP from traditional pre-release software. Please note that the quality of EAP versions may at times be way below even usual beta standards.

What is IntelliJ IDEA 11?

IntelliJ IDEA 11 (aka Nika) is next major version for IntelliJ IDEA.

Download IntelliJ IDEA 11 Ultimate EAP




Windows installer (includes bundled JRE 1.6.0_29)

Windows ZIP archive (no bundled JRE)


Unix archive


Mac installer

This EAP build expires in 30 days since the release date. It doesn't require or accept any license keys.

Download IntelliJ IDEA 11 Community Edition EAP




Windows installer (includes bundled JRE 1.6.0_29)


Unix archive


Mac installer


Source tarball

Plugin Development Kit: Since the open-source Community Edition was released, we no longer provide the plugin development kit as a separate download. Please see for instructions on setting up a plugin development environment.

Release Notes

IDEA 11 beta (build 110.492) Release Notes
IDEA 11 110.365 Release Notes
IDEA 11 110.291 Release Notes
IDEA 11 110.187 Release Notes
IDEA 11 110.137 Release Notes
IDEA 11 110.3 Release Notes

  • Lag-less typing in big documents with new editor architecture
  • Faster indexing for large codebases when running on 32 bit JDK
Usability Changes
  • Event Log view for all IDE notifications
  • Live template settings UI reworked, many new template contexts added
  • Inplace refactorings UI reworked
  • Backgroundable search for implementations (Ctrl-Alt-B) and definitions (Ctrl-Alt-I)
  • Ability to open all classes/files/symbols by mask from corresponding Go To popup in Find toolwindow
  • "Digest" changes view in Changes -> Local and commit dialog
  • Git log: [file] structure filter added, and action to see log of arbitrary repository added
  • Resizeable completion popup
  • Java/Groovy code completion now suggests only the imported classes. A second invocation of Ctrl+Space will suggest the other ones
  • Recently changed classes and methods are highlighted in stack traces
  • An ability to write breakpoint conditions in Groovy for Groovy code
  • Linux usability improvements: GTK+ theme fixes; better integration with docks; action for creating entry in apps menu; drag&drop and cut&paste between IDEA and file managers
  • JavaScript debugger improvements: customizable presentation for objects, 'mark object' action
Broader technology support
  • Gradle integration
  • XSLT debugger support
  • CoffeeScript support
  • Velocity 1.7 support
  • JSLint / JSHint integration
  • Updated HTML5 schema
  • Zen Coding 0.7 support
  • Android layout preview
  • Android: compilation of renderscript files
  • Android: built-in obfuscation
  • Android: support for external "apklib" dependencies in maven projects
  • JBoss 7 support
  • WebSphere 8 support
  • AspectJ support: ITDs on interfaces, configurable aspect path, push-in refactoring, more in progress
  • Spring: improved performance for large models, bean dependency  diagram (with new features), "Generate @Autowired dependency.." action, etc.
  • Spring 3.1 @Configuration contexts, @ComponentScan, @ImportResource, @Profile, @PropertySource.
  • Spring Testing: @ContextConfiguration configured with @Configuration array, @ActiveProfile
  • Spring Integration: generic support.
  • Spring Data (JPA): generic support.
  • Play framework support.
  • Underlying frameworks support (frameworks libraries - spring, jsf, etc.)
  • Grails 2.0.0 (1.4) full support.
  • Groovy 1.9 support
  • JarFinder
  • New Groovy intentions: Replace qualified reference with import, Add single-member static import, Add on-demand static import
  • Introduce Closure Parameter refactoring for Groovy
  • Search for duplicates in Groovy and JavaScript code

PHP, Phing, CommandLineTools, Apache Config support plugins are unbundled and will be available as separate download when IntelliJ IDEA 11 is released.