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No subsystem


IDEA-70951 (Feature)

Automatic expand of function bodies

IDEA-75632 (Feature)

Console folding: additional patterns

IDEA-75576 (Usability Problem)

Usual Ctrl+Alt+A shortcut to add file to VCS doesn't work in hg4idea

IDEA-75366 (Task)

Bundle jUnit 4.10

IDEA-75500 (Task)

Support "Edit" button in ToolbarDecorator

IDEA-74847 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: EXISTS () expression interpreted as unknown function

IDEA-74843 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: native function EXTRACT() syntax not supported

IDEA-75297 (Bug)

Create patch creates includes incorrect content for UTF-16 files with BOM

IDEA-75554 (Bug)

Ctrl+Shift+Enter inconsistency

IDEA-71959 (Bug)

IDEA shows modal dialogs on a disconnected monitor

IDEA-74353 (Bug)

LiveTemplates: default 'output' templates should be applicable in Groovy:statement context by default

IDEA-71724 (Bug)

dual monitor problem with unreachable windows.

IDEA-75758 (Bug)

Tab focus change doesn't work on Mac Snow Leopard

IDEA-72798 (Bug)

PostgreSQL operator "IS DISTINCT FROM" is reported as error

IDEA-75695 (Bug)

Code coverage colours cannot be set when you apply your own colour scheme and then override the colours for code coverage

IDEA-75014 (Bug)

Drag and drop no longer works with UNC paths under Windows

IDEA-54557 (Bug)

Dialogs are displayed out of sight after Monitor Config changes

IDEA-74852 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: unsupported syntax for SELECT INTO ... in stored procedures

IDEA-75543 (Exception)

[build:IU-103.SNAPSHOT] Error during dispatching of java.awt.event.MouseEvent[MOUSE_RELEASED,(53,73),absolute(58,73),button=1,modifiers=Button1,clickCount=1] on frame0



IDEA-75485 (Bug)

Good code marked as red...

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-75664 (Feature)

CatchGenericClass should be removed

IDEA-75505 (Feature)

Create an inspection to find private getters and setters.

IDEA-75530 (Feature)

Implement new inspection "Instance method access not qualified with 'this'"

IDEA-75634 (Feature)

IG/IPP: i18n in the GUI layouts

IDEA-75640 (Feature)

Suppress unused parameters when method annotated with X

IDEA-20558 (Usability Problem)

Throwable Result Of Method Call Ignored inspection is not check for instanceof while casting

IDEA-75562 (Bug)

Replace with operator assignment changes semantics in some cases due to order of operations

IDEA-75615 (Bug)

"Quality with outer class" inspection problem

IDEA-74324 (Bug)

Javascript static analysis (Inspections) Expression statement which is not assignment or call. Incorrect warning given

Code Coverage


IDEA-75337 (Bug)

Restore ability to switch coverage highlighting from whole line to on gutter only and vise versa



IDEA-75657 (Usability Problem)

Duplicate line in console folding tooltip

IDEA-75565 (Bug)

Test output is not automatically scrolled to the end



IDEA-67963 (Bug)

Autoboxing not working for array initializers in debugger evaluation



IDEA-44008 (Bug)

Applying unified patch adds an empty line at the end of file



IDEA-75592 (Bug)

Roo console help missing

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-75199 (Feature)

Improve chained completion for strings with prefix.

IDEA-71321 (Usability Problem)

autocomplete should give more priority to top-level classes over nested classes

IDEA-70184 (Bug)

Class F cannot be referenced from static context error after Smart Completion invocation

IDEA-75606 (Bug)

assertEquals smart completion: type-matching variants mixed with unrelated(question) ones

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-75680 (Feature)

Editor: make 'select whole line on triple click' default behavior



IDEA-75604 (Feature)

Grails: Provide named arguments for method HibernateMappingBuilder.sort(Map m)

IDEA-71660 (Feature)

syntax color and code completion for HQL in GORM

IDEA-75549 (Feature)

An inspection to detect incompatible types using 'in'

IDEA-75548 (Bug)

Groovy surrounding should work correctly with comments

IDEA-59627 (Bug)

Inadequate completion variants

IDEA-75340 (Bug)

Expression expected error is shown in editor for multi-dimensional arrays with no object count

IDEA-75345 (Bug)

Non-substituted types when using collectEntries

IDEA-75683 (Bug)

Grails: GSP: IDEA incorrectly removes closed tag.

IDEA-66578 (Bug)

A JS function defined in the GSP should be available for resolve/completion in the templates that GSP uses

IDEA-75547 (Bug)

Groovy move statement moves method if a line comment is selected together with statements

IDEA-61776 (Bug)

Quick Documentation Lookup doesn't support @code JavaDoc tag

IDE Configuration


IDEA-16709 (Usability Problem)

Mouse right-click context menu bad behavior under linux (only when keymap is eclipse-based)



IDEA-75148 (Bug)

spring integration is broken when class is in different module than xml file

IDEA-75648 (Bug)

Spring navigation to declaration is missing



IDEA-68828 (Feature)

struts.xml: support params passed to results



IDEA-75539 (Usability Problem)

Run/Debug configurations: Tomcat: by default HTTP port value is different to one in Startup page



IDEA-56808 (Feature)

inspection of javascript: window.location=window.location is not silly at all (smile)

IDEA-75417 (Usability Problem)

jquery's $() function variable arity is not recognized

IDEA-75566 (Bug)

JavaScript in a JavaScript string is not highlighted properly when it contains escape characters

IDEA-75707 (Bug)

'Mutable variable is accessible from closure' warning message is shown for the fake closure of jQuery.each statement

IDEA-67778 (Bug)

PyCharm cant parse Backbone.js

PHP Formatter


WI-7695 (Bug)

Getting mixed tabs/spaces

PHP lang


WI-7927 (Bug)

Ctrl+Q does not show documentation for PHP function "implode"



WI-7567 (Feature)

Support HTML5 new "History" interface

WI-5829 (Bug)

Javascript inspection sees assignment in place of comparison

WI-6778 (Bug)

JsDoc annotations don't support types from a non-global scope

WI-7764 (Bug)

console.log highlights as warning

WI-7782 (Bug)

Javascript folding does not work with && conditions

Plugin: Deployment / FTP..


WI-7923 (Bug)

JSCH is still using 0.1.42 JAR



IDEA-75626 (Usability Problem)

Show progress dialog when IDEA searches for duplicates after 'Pull Up' refactoring

IDEA-75629 (Cosmetics)

Whitespace visible in Change Signature dialog in Parameters tab

IDEA-75610 (Bug)

Extract interface should put class name if I select 'rename' option



IDEA-75711 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: contain/contained (<@, @>) array operators are red

IDEA-75700 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: reference to array member in UPDATE ... SET is red

IDEA-51052 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: dollar quoted string with a letter right before closing dollars is red

IDEA-75769 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: CONSTRAINT clause with PRIMARY KEY is red

IDEA-75765 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: FOREIGN KEY is red

IDEA-75446 (Bug)

SQL: Derby: error marks for ALTER TABLE ... ALTER COLUMN are irrelevant to the error

IDEA-50807 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: array expressions are red

IDEA-51305 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: columns created with LIKE and INHERITS clause and referred with qualified names are incorrectly resolved

IDEA-75759 (Exception)

SQL: PostgreSQL: Throwable at PsiElementBase.notNullChild() on attempt in CREATE OPERATOR for containment

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-75676 (Bug)

Idea freezes while I was editing freemarker document

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-75286 (Bug)

Parametrized Tests sometimes not green with JUnit 4.10

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-75569 (Usability Problem)

TestNG Test Runner: Don't switch selected task

IDEA-75661 (Bug)

Check dependencies and run all previous test for test that depends on something

User Interface


IDEA-75685 (Bug)

ui does not respond

IDEA-70979 (Bug)

After switching monitor layouts, dialogs are displayed at the wrong screen

IDEA-72822 (Bug)

Run configuration list is shown on wrong monitor

Version Control


IDEA-75603 (Feature)

Make MergerRequestImpl.MergeContent public

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-33904 (Cosmetics)

CVS: empty cvsroot configurations can be added and look incorrectly in BrowseRepository/heckOut dialogs

Version Control. Git


IDEA-75312 (Bug)

Deadlock on update / apply patch

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-75441 (Bug)

Mercurial: not able to clone repository from remote repository which requires authentication

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-69041 (Bug)

Wrong encoding when shelf and unshelf

IDEA-75625 (Bug)

Svn: Avoid 'not-null assertion' violation on importing from gradle

XML editing


IDEA-74578 (Bug)

Incorrect Error Message for unregistered URI



IDEA-75517 (Task)

New separate help page for Change Class Signature dialog