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No subsystem


PY-4481 (Bug)

Incorrect hightlighting for the last value of a multi-line dict if not followed by comma

PY-4568 (Bug)

2.0 Hangs

PY-4548 (Bug)

"Fix all 'Single quoted docstring' problems" results in 5 quotes

Code Insight


PY-4478 (Exception)

Quick Definition Lookup: Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertReadAccessAllowed



PY-3612 (Cosmetics)

Console: strange empty space after enabling Stop button which was grayed out before



PY-1124 (Feature)

Support Smart Step Into in Python debugger



PY-4395 (Bug)

Python docs run configurations: provide visual distinction between sphinx and docutils tasks

PY-4391 (Bug)

Python docs run configurations / sphinx: provide temporary run configuration on Ctrl+Shift+F10 for docs sources directory

PY-4392 (Bug)

Python docs run configurations: messed up slashes for input\output fields



PY-4464 (Bug)

Delete Line command and new line



PY-4398 (Usability Problem)

"Statement seems to have no effect" should handle misplaced docstrings better

PY-4518 (Bug)

'"Default argument value is mutable" inspection is not triggered for a dict constructor

PY-4551 (Bug)

"Remove redundant parenthesis" suggestion yields to mistake



PY-4546 (Exception)

Jinja: java.lang.Error at com.jetbrains.jinja2.lexer._Jinja2FlexLexer.a



PY-4522 (Feature)

Mako: better control structures highlighting

PY-4523 (Bug)

Mako: element not closed: false positive for closing element right after one-line comment

PY-4521 (Bug)

Mako: Element not closed: false negative for doc tag

PY-4526 (Bug)


PY-4524 (Bug)

Mako: do not highlight double number sign as comment once it is not the first non-space characters on a line

PY-4530 (Bug)

Mako: missing resolve for names defined in namespaces

PY-4571 (Bug)

False positive for "Control structure should end with :" if first line is comment

PY-4533 (Exception)

Mako: AIOOBE at com.jetbrains.mako.psi.impl.MakoCall.getName

Test Runner


PY-4534 (Bug)

PyCharm can't find nosetests runner.

PY-4363 (Bug)

Map help button to correct Help reference in Python test Run/Debug configurations