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  1. Install build agent on Mac either via or via Java web-start
  2. Prepare conf/ file
  3. Fix launcher permissions, if needed: chmod +x buildAgent/launcher/bin/*
  4. Load build agent to LaunchDaemon via command:
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    sh buildAgent/bin/ load

    You have to wait several minutes for the build agent to auto-upgrade from the TeamCity server.

  5. Add a symbolic link to To start the build agent on reboot, you have to copy buildAgent/bin/jetbrains.teamcity.BuildAgent.plist file with to the same name in ~/Library/LaunchAgents directory for automatic startup under current user (you may need to create this directory, if it doesn't exists). To run under root you can create a link in LaunchDaemons directory. And if you don't want to run your agent as root (and you probably don't), you have to edit /Library/LaunchDaemons instead./jetbrains.teamcity.BuildAgent.plist file and add section like
    Code Block
    Also, make sure that all files under buildAgent directory are owned by your_user to ensure proper agent upgrade process.
  1. To stop build agent, run the following command:
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    sh buildAgent/bin/ unload