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Administration ToolsReporting

Administration Tools

  • Configuration TFS backup - a separate .Net application that monitors TeamCity server configuration files and can automatically check the changes into TFS
  • User Roles Report - a plain list report to list all projects and all users with their roles in the projects.

Configuration Features

Build Runners

Extended Settings for Build Configurations

  • Autoincrementer - allows to share the sequence of build numbers between several build configurations
  • Build Queue Priorities Image Removed - (bundled since TeamCity 6.0)
  • Date Build Number - adds date to build number. See also Groovy plug.Meta-Runner - adds ability to create runners from xml.
  • RunAs Image Added - Adds ability to run builds in sandboxes, under different user accounts (requires TeamCity 6.5.3)
  • Swabra - cleaning checkout directory (deleting new files) after the build (bundled since TeamCity 5.1)
  • unique - Issues unique build numbers to builds across projects in a simple counter fashion. See also Autoincrementer plugin above.


  • Url Build Trigger Image Added - Adds build to the build queue when detecting change at the specified URL

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