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IDEA 10.5+
Use this shortcut to quickly navigate from any web-resource used in <result> to its <action>-declaration and/or Action-method.
IDEA 11+
Also vice versa from Action-class to <action>-declaration and any referenced result(s) files.
Navigate from Action-class to all corresponding validation.xml files.

(tick) Dedicated icons for configuration/JAVA (Action) files


IDEA 11+
Autocompletion/Navigation to Action-class properties in <field> "name"
"Go To Related" from Action-class to validation.xml.

(minus) Show validation.xml node(s) under corresponding Action-class (like GUI-Designer forms)
(minus) (tick) Create corresponding validation.xml-template from Action

IDEA 11+
Intention to create new ActionClassName-validation.xml from file template.

(tick) Structure View
(tick) I18N-support