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  1. File -> Invalidate Caches and restart MPS
  2. To correct language and aspect dependencies on devkits
    1. execute tools-> internal -> Add Language Design Devkit To All Languages
    2. execute tools-> internal -> Add General Purpose Devkit to Language Models
    3. execute tools-> internal -> Remove Language Design Devkit from Models
    4. execute tools-> internal -> Remove BootstrapLanguages Devkit from Language Models
    5. execute tools-> internal -> Add Necessary ModuleDeps Everywhere
  3. To migrate to new stubs format (fix broken references to stub models)
    1. Tools-> Update Stub Refs-> Update Language Accessories Refs
    2. Tools-> Update Stub Refs-> Re-resolve Stub Refs
    3. right-click on your project -> optimize imports
    4. Most of the references will be fixed at the moment. But a small amount of them can be left unresolved (if threre were illegal model imports which MPS was not able to find in previous versions). So, find all broken references left and fix them manually by adding necessary module dependencies. You can use Model Checker tool to find all broken references (right-click on project -> check models)
  4. To convert attributes to the new format (usually in generators, quotations and patterns)
    1. Tools -> Scripts -> By Language -> jetbrains.mps.lang.core -> Convert Attributes
    2. Re-generate languages, then solutions
    3. If you have your own attribute descriptions (AnnotationLinkDeclaration instances) it will require manual migration for each attribute:
      1. Ensure attribute concept described in AnnotationLinkDeclaration (target) is subconcept of one of NodeAttribute, LinkAttribute or PropertyAttribute depending on the attribute stereotype
      2. Define role concept property in attribute concept as attribute role in AnnotationLinkDeclaration
      3. If sourceCardinality was * define multiple concept property in attribute concept
      4. Define attributed concept link from source in AnnotationLinkDeclaration
      5. Perform actions from steps 1 and 2 for migrated attributes
      6. For simple attributes (when they are direct subconcepts of BaseConcept) migration script is available
  5. To make virtual packages (folders) visible again 
    1. Tools -> Scripts -> By Language -> jetbrains.mps.lang.core -> Restore Virtual Packages
  6. To convert TabbedEditors and icons in plugin aspects
    1. Tools-> Scripts-> By Language -> jetbrains.mps.lang.plugin -> split tabbed editors
    2. Tools-> Scripts-> By Language -> jetbrains.mps.lang.plugin -> Update Icons
  7. To migrate to the new trace information generation
    1. Tools -> Scripts->By Language->jetbrains.mps.lang.plugin->Upgrade Trace Info Generation
  8. Execute Tools->Scripts->By Language-> jetbrains.mps.baseLanguage.closures-> remove wildcards from unbound params
  9. Execute Tools->Scripts->By Language-> jetbrains.mps.baseLanguage.runConfigurations -> Fix References To Deleted Run Models
  10. Regenerate (!!! use "Rebuild" action, not "Make")
    1. all project languages
    2. all project solutions (!!! after languages)