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  • Introducing JetBrains dotPeek

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  • Go to Declaration (Ctrl+B): this takes you from a usage of any symbol to its declaration. Should the symbol be dependent on another assembly, the assembly will be loaded silently, if available.
  • Go to Base Symbols (Ctrl+U): this takes you to corresponding symbols upwards the inheritance hierarchy:
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  • Go to Derived Symbols (Ctrl+Alt+B)
  • Go to Implementation (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+B):
  • Go to Extension Methods (only available through Navigate To):
  • Go to Overriding Members (only available through Navigate To):
  • Go to Usages of Symbol (Ctrl+Alt+F7):
  • Go to Control Flow Target (only available through Navigate To):
  • Go to Function Exit(s) (only available through Navigate To):
  • Go to Assembly Explorer (only available through Navigate To): asdf. Interestingly, this command is duplicated by another shortcut,


  • Find Usages: The ability to see easily all the places where a type is used. This is similar to the Used By in REflector..
  • Highlight usages in file
  • Find usages advanced
  • Quick Find




Keyboard-Driven Navigation Between Tool Windows

  • Navigate between tool windows (from code view to assembly explorer)



In the best traditions of JetBrains tools, you rarely need to use a mouse when working with dotPeek: switching between Assembly Explorer and code view; opening File Structure, Find Results, Type Hierarchy and other tool windows doesn't require clicking: every tool window is assigned a shortcut of its own (see the Windows menu for shortcut hints, and getting back to the code view is as easy as pressing Esc.

Customizable, Rich Tool Windows

When it comes to customizing your workspace within dotPeek, you do need the mouse but otherwise, it's plain easy and familiar. Tool windows behave the same way they do in Visual Studio: they can be left floating or docked in multiple positions. Find Results and Type Hierarchy support multiple tabs, allowing you to have several set of search results or hierarchies open at the same time, and File Structure content can be filtered to only display results that match a search string:
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  • Type Hierarchy
  • External Sources (Need confirmation from Ilya is this is allowed to be talked about)
  • Same Extensibility Model that of ReSharper in terms of plug-in development. You can develop plug-ins for dotPeek in the same way you can for ReSharper.