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dotPeek provides exactly the same level of insight in context-sensitive navigation between decompiled code symbols as ReSharper. You navigate to symbol declarations, implementations, derived and base symbols, and any other applicable destinations just like you would in Visual Studio with ReSharper enabled.

Finding Out Where You Can Navigate To

Specifically, when you've landed the caret on a symbol, you can always get an overview of all possible navigation targets using the Navigate To menu (Navigate > Navigate To or Ctrl+Shift+G):

The following context-sensitive navigation commands can be available depending on context:

  • Navigate > Go to Declaration


  • (Ctrl+B): this takes you from a usage of any symbol to its declaration. Should the symbol be dependent on another assembly, the assembly will be loaded silently, if available.
  • Implementation
  • Base symbols
  • Derived symbols
  • Extension methods
  • Overriding members
  • Usages of Symbol
  • Control flow target
  • Function exit(s)
  • Assembly Explorer
    titleKnown Issue

    The Navigate To functionality is shared between ReSharper and dotPeek. As of early EAP, the Navigate To menu in dotPeek contains several items that are ReSharper-specific - such as Related Files, Decompiled Sources, or Metadata View. These items will be removed in subsequent EAP builds.

Searching in decompiled code