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  • Introducing JetBrains dotPeek

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  • Extend/shrink selection
  • External Sources (Need confirmation from Ilya is this is allowed to be talked about)
  • Find Usages: The ability to see easily all the places where a type is used. This is similar to the Used By in REflector..
  • Code Highlighting. Syntax highlighting allowing for easy viewing.
  • Familiar icons for Member information. Using the same icons that we are used to in Visual Studio for member identification.
  • Same tabbed tool windows as those in ReSharper (different to the actual Tool Windows that exist). Same feel. All tool windows have collapse, expand, filtering and other features available in ReSharper, as well as possibility of tabs.
  • Same Extensibility Model that of ReSharper in terms of plug-in development. You can develop plug-ins for dotPeek in the same way you can for ReSharper.

Other features:

  • Ability to open from GAC easily
  •  Visual Studio look-and-feel tabbed browsing