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  • Calcutta EAP (build 7200) Release Notes

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Read more about custom statistics feature in the online documentation.

Other Improvements

  • Ability to view the builds that used artifacts of this one. See Dependencies tab of the build results.
  • Now you can download tests list in CSV format for off-line analyzing. The download link is available form the Tests page of the build results.
  • Ability to check artifact dependencies right from the configuration page: no need to run a build to check the dependencies configuration.
  • Multiple performance improvements
  • Reworked build stopping logic under Linux/Mac OS X. No more native libraries dependencies.
  • Now when cleaning sources on agent you can select the build configurations to be affected.
  • Now plugin authors can package plugins more easily and plugin deployment become more straight-forward with a separate plugin storage under TeamCity Data directory (.BuildServer). Stay tuned for details in the future EAP releases.
  • New plugins to ease tests reporting for Python, C++.
  • We also opened EAP for the Rake runner plugin. In you develop in Ruby and use Rake for building your projects, give it a try.

Upgrade Notes

  • Due to improved VCS hash calculation, all build configurations will perform clean checkout on the first run with this new build. The default checkout directories (hash) names will also be changed.