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(tick) "Go To Action/Package" by name

Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N to quickly navigate to any Action/Package by simply entering its name (including wildcards):


Need to refactor your S2 application? Just use the Rename refactoring (Shift+F6) or perform Find Usages (Alt+F7 or Ctrl+Alt+F7):

(plus) Navigation to referenced elements/JAVA-classes

Simply Ctrl-click (or press Ctrl+B) on any element to navigate to its declaration - or take a peek without leaving the current editor using Quick Definition Lookup (Ctrl+Shift+I).

(plus) Highlighting of configuration/reference errors


(tick) CSS support for suitable tag attributes

Define inline-styles ("cssStyle") or reference existing CSS classes ("cssClass").


(minus) Basic syntax highlighting support
(question) Full support for OGNL expressions including resolving of available properties


(minus) Support struts2-spring-plugin (<action> "class" via bean from spring-context.xml) <bean>-definition from Spring)
(minus) Support CodeBehind plugin