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As-is, use at your own risk


free, open-source

Current version

0.1 2

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Plugin Description



  • Running Run buttons on Projects page (activated with probability after browser window focus losing)
  • Scrambling text labels (activated with probability in ten seconds after browser window focus losing)
  • Ability to enable/disable plugin on the server configuration (plugin is auto-reset on server restart)
  • Bonus funny icons (see below)

Installation Instructions

  • "Shooter" mode. Don't mute your sound! (activated with probability after browser window focus losing)
  • Test fixing mode: See Failed tests on the builds results.

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Example Screenshot

Installation Instructions

  • Put in .BuildServer\plugins
  • Restart TeamCity server
  • Enable the plugin in the Server Settings "Joke plugin settings" section. The plugin will be automatically disabled on the next server startup.

See joke.js code for minor customizations: probability, etc.

TeamCity Versions Compatibility

The current plugin version is designed to work with TeamCity 34.1 0 and up.
Tested with TeamCity 34.1 .1


download sources

EAP, should work with TeamCity up to 6.0.3 and may be above


Sources are available in JetBrains public Subversion repository.

TeamCity 3.1 versions

Previous version for TeamCity 3.1 is available download.
To install it, copy plugin jar file into <TeamCity Web Application Directory>/WEB_INF/lib.

Bonus: Funny running and failing build icons

Use these icons instead of default TeamCity images for running build states

- substitute default img/buildStates/running_green_transparent.gif image
- substitute default img/buildStates/running_red_transparent.gif image






April, 1, 2009

New features: Shooter, test fixing

TeamCity 4.0 - 6.0.3 and above


April, 1, 2008

Initial release. Text reversing, running "Run" button.

TeamCity 3.1+